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Written by Pete Pokulok - Let's Talk Fishing   
Wednesday, 01 January 1997
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However, if I have the time and I'm fishing for pleasure on a remote lake that isn't pressured by weekend anglers and tournament fisherman, I'll spend my time fishing shallow, hitting visible structure and not wasting time looking for deep structure on a lake I'm not familiar with.

Once we got into the latter part of July and the first part of Aug. we started to place in the top ten and collect pay cheques. We caught fish with just about every type of bait imaginable. It seemed once these fish got out to their summer haunts after that long cold spring, they really put on the feed bag. One tournament in particular, the Classic, we caught the majority of our fish throwing Berkley's new 3/8's oz. spinner bait. Wes mentioned that he never would have thought that he'd spend 3 days chucking spinner baits around in a Classic situation. But, the fish were on, aggressive and wanted a fast moving bait.

The nice thing about spinner baits is that you can cover a lot of water from top to bottom, and when the fish are on them you don't loose too many.

Another tournament (one that we won), the majority of are fish on the second day of the tournament were caught on top water baits. Andy threw a Zara Spook while I threw a Pop-R. Most of the field struggled and found the bite slow, yet our fish reacted to top-water baits. The first day however, fishing the same spot, we caught our fish on spinner baits. When we pulled into the same spot on day two we couldn't get bit on a spinner bait and decided to experiment with different baits before pulling the plug on our number one spot and moving. It proves that there are always exceptions to the rules and that at times it pays to try a different technique before giving up on a spot -- especially one with a concentration of fish on it.

Another point to keep in mind is that if you are catching fish on a particular bait and the fishing slows down or the fish turn off, try a different bait, color, or even size before you decide to move on. You'll often be surprised at the results.

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