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Written by Pete Pokulok - Let's Talk Fishing   
Wednesday, 01 January 1997
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Here we are in the mist of a deep freeze, and it kind of reminds me of the way the fishing season started this past April. Normally, come the opening of trout season here in southern Ontario, the fish have run and have been up the rivers and streams in these parts for some time. They've undergone the riggers of spawning and have dropped back into the deeper pools to recuperate prior to heading back to the big waters where they'll once again put on the feed bag.

This past spring things were a little different It was cold -- damn cold -- and most of the fish hadn't even started to run the rivers yet. Fresh fish were still trying to make it upstream to spawn three weeks into the season. Therefore too many spawning fish were taken off of the beds for my liking, and I truly hope it doesn't effect the fishery a couple of years down the road. The Ministry of Natural Resources should have the jurisdiction to postpone the opener or at least make it a catch and release fishery only until the fish have had a chance to spawn when mother nature throws us a curve in the weather. That not only goes for the trout opening, but walleye, bass, and all other species of fish that are vulnerable when spawning.

Of course, the fishing was nothing short of fantastic with fresh fish moving up to the head waters almost daily. You'd fish for a time drifting a pool with roe bags and nothing would be happening, then you'd look down stream and you'd see these wakes heading up towards you! Soon afterwards you'd be into fish almost non stop until they passed through. It was rude. A couple of clients that I had out guiding booked two additional days with me because the fishing was so hot.

However when walleye season opened this was the first year in a very long time that I missed it. You guessed it, I was still fishing for those silver run bullets. And, from what I was told I didn't miss much. Again, because of the late spring, cold waters, and very little weed growth, the fishing was difficult. We did manage to get out a few times, though, and managed to catch a few keepers, but not like in previous years. The fact of the matter was that this past year we were extremely busy with sportsman shows right up until the 3rd weekend in June. I even had to forego two walleye tournaments for which entry fees had been submitted months before. That was a first for me: working that is, instead of fishing tournaments.

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