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Written by Wes Lavergne - Let's Talk Fishing   
Friday, 01 March 1996
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Slip-Bobbers And Jigs For Scoring On Walleye
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And slip-bobbers aren't restricted to walleye fishing. They're great for all sorts of fish, when conditions call for consistent depth control, long-distance casting, or a really, really slow presentation. I have used them for steelhead in deep, wide rivers. I have had great success using them for spooky smallmouth in clear, very shallow water, where long casts and very slow movement were called for.

I remember taking a number of largemouths out from under swim platforms during a tournament. These bass spooked if a boat came within 50 feet of them, bit the combination of panfish-sized jigs and slip-bobbers did the job. We often let the float and jig combination sit beside the swim platform for 5 to 10 minutes after the cast.

I have used them to fish bridge support pillars, weedlines, trees, current breaks and power-dams. They can be fished from bridges, from shore and from boats.

Because they cast easily and smoothly, and offer a very positive indication of a hit, slip-bobbers are ideal for youngsters learning how to fish. Kids really like to see that bobber twitch and disappear. They know for sure that there's a fish on the other end of the line.

Once you start fishing slip-bobbers, you'll find all sorts of situations where their ability to control depth and speed of presentation wok to your advantage. Pick a couple up at your local tackle shop and try them out. You won't regret it!

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