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Written by Wes Lavergne - Let's Talk Fishing   
Friday, 01 March 1996
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Slip-Bobbers And Jigs For Scoring On Walleye
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I decided that a slip-bobber might just fit the bill. It's a simple but deadly technique that most anglers (me included) just don't use enough. The slip-bobber, as the name implies, slips up and down the line from the area of the hook, to a bobber-stop set at a pre-determined depth. I needed to get bait down 25 feet and 25 feet of line below a conventional fixed bobber was simply impossible for casting. With the slip-bobber, I was able to reel the bobber itself right down to the hook, cast long distances and trust the stopper to hold bait right smack at that 25 foot depth, in the strike zone.

The bobber-stop is so tiny that once it is set at the right position on the line, it can be reeled through the rod guides and onto the reel without causing any casting problems at all. It's really a piece of cake. And if you decide that your depth isn't quite right, you can simply slide the bobber-stop up or down the line to change it.

With the slip-bobber controlling the depth accurately, I was able to drift my bait (live bait, jigs and various plastics work well) through the school, right at nose-level. I was also able to fish dead-slow, giving these finicky fish lots of time to make up their minds about having a snack. It was a large school and lots of fish had a first-hand look. The result was a couple of hours of top-quality walleye action.

If you think about it for a moment, slip-bobbers can be teamed with your favourite live bait for walleye. Either a plain hook or jig, tipped with a minnow, worm or leech can be fished in exactly the same manner for precise control.

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