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Slip-Bobbers And Jigs For Scoring On Walleye PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Wes Lavergne - Let's Talk Fishing   
Friday, 01 March 1996
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Slip-Bobbers And Jigs For Scoring On Walleye
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It's soon that time of year again. I mean Walleye time. Time for Ontario's favourite sporting fish. The walleye opener is one of the traditions of angling in Ontario. Thousands upon thousands of anglers consider this the most important ritual of spring.

And, consequently, literally hundreds of thousands of words are written each year for consumption by the avid walleye angler. So for angling writers and editors, the challenge becomes finding something fresh, exciting and productive to say about catching walleye. And it's important that anything written on the topic be something out of the ordinary, but offering more than a reasonable chance of success.

An experience a few years ago came to mind as one that fits most of the criteria. It was early morning when I left, hoping to catch a few walleye during the magic time around first light. I knew that as the sun started to climb, fishing would get a lot tougher, because of the increasing light levels and a cold front that had moved in the day before. Given those circumstances, the walleye were bound to be most active under early, low-light levels and that's when I wanted to hit them.

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