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Muskie and Pike
Written by Bob "Bobzilla" Chochola   
Wednesday, 16 April 2008
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It’s often been said that you won’t catch a musky if your bait isn’t in the water. This philosophy keeps the lures splashing from my boat long after most other anglers have gone to bed. If you ask anyone who has had the pleasure of timing a trip around one of ours, they’ll probably tell you about our triumphant returns at two o’clock in the morning singing and giggling like a couple of school boys on summer retreat. The giddy arrival is usually accompanied by a big fish story about a behemoth we dredged up from the depths in the middle of the night.
Our determination to keep the lures going has proven successful so many times that I must stress to you the importance of finding a way to stay motivated and keep casting even if the fish don’t want to cooperate. The frustration of not seeing any fish or multiple lazy follows can easily force a musky hunter to an early visit to the beverage cooler hoping for “better luck” in the morning. It’s hard chucking those heavy lures all day long when the payoff hasn’t come yet. I’ll tell you right now, however, you won’t find any muskies in the beer cooler and you won’t catch a thing with your baits idol in the boat.
That said, now that I have convinced you to crack-open the beverages later, you’re probably thinking we cast 24/7 when we’re on a hunt and we don’t sleep. Well, if you happen to be one of the guys who shared camp with us over the years you’d say this statement is true. I must admit that Pat and I have an unusual constitution when it comes to casting because we have been blessed with more than our fare share of huge muskies. Each one we get gives us that much more energy to press-on for the next. Who knows? Maybe one day we will be able to go without, but for now even these nocturnal creatures must cop Z’s every now and again.
To make our long hours on the water more efficient and to actually allow us to squeeze some sack time into our day, Pat and I have a set of “triggers” we look for (and some we even plan our trips around), that increase our chances of catching fish. I’ll call them our TOP 10 MUSKIE BITE “TRIGGERS.”
Here they are… 

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