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Written by TV Ontario   
Friday, 09 June 1995
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Fish-On! - 2 - Rainbow Trout
The Fish - Size and Shape
The Fish - Markings
The Fish -Requirements
Habitat - Distribution
Habitat - Management
Seasonal Changes
Seasonal - Spawning
Seasonal - Fry to Smolt
Seasonal - Maturation
Equipment - Baits
Equipment - Spawn
Equipment - Tackle
Equipment - Rods and Reels
Equipment - Bobbers
Equipment - Lures
Equipment - Other Gear
Technique - Reading Water
Technique - Bait Fishing
Technique - Lure Fishing
Technique - Fly Fishing
Ethics and The Future

Fish-On! Chapter 2

Rainbow Trout (salmo gairdneri)

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Steelheading conjures up visions of remote, fog-shrouded coastal streams, snow-capped mountain scenery, and damp, cool weather. And winter steelheading on the West Coast often encompasses all of this. 

Around the Great Lakes steelheading can also mean sitting on a wave-washed concrete pier at a river mouth waiting for a fish to hit. Or shivering in a line-up with dozens of other anglers on a popular pool stocked with steelhead, the latest housing development within sight. Or exploring new waters far from any signs of civilization.asses all of these.

The rainbow trout, especially in its sea-run steelhead form, is as spectacular a fighter as the Atlantic salmon. But the Atlantic is a rare species, expensive to pursue recreationally. The steelhead, on the other hand, is a fish for all of us with thinner wallets and limited free time to fish. And unlike the present depressed state of most of the world's Atlantic salmon fisheries, steelhead stocks are healthy enough to sustain heavy public fishing pressure. There are exceptions, especially in its home range, but in general it is possible for the average angler living on the West Coast or around the Great Lakes to enjoy a day's steelheading with a minimum of expense and within a few hours' driving distance.

What is this fish that entices anglers to stand in a frigid river for hours on end, often with ice forming in the rod's guides and snow an ever possible threat? Let's examine this unique and adaptable species closely.

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